She Got A New Job That Pays Double Her Boyfriend’s Salary, So He Wants Her To Pay Rent Proportional To Her Income, But Since He Already Owns The Apartment, She Thinks Its Unfair

Halfpoint - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman currently lives with her boyfriend in his apartment. And apparently, the place is completely paid off since her boyfriend’s father gave it to him.

The apartment building is quite new, too, since it was only built about six years ago. It is also located in a very popular area of her city.

Still, ever since moving in, she has given her boyfriend rent which is valued at half of the market rate.

They determine and update this rate every year by looking at how much the other apartments in the building complex are being rented out for.

And while she is only paying half of those rates, she claimed that it is still a large chunk of money. Nonetheless, she agreed to this arrangement upon moving in.

“And other than this, we did everything else 50-50 in the past,” she added.

More recently, though, she landed a new job that came with a drastic pay increase. In fact, she is now making a little over double her boyfriend’s salary.

So, ever since she told her boyfriend about it, he now wants to begin splitting their expenses in proportion to their income and believes that is fair.

But honestly, she really does not agree with him. She does not believe she should have to start paying more of their bills– while everything else remained the same– just because she started a new job.

Halfpoint – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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