She Has A Creepy Story About A Cat That She Ran Into One Night After Leaving Work

Yury and Tanya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

Not all animals are cute and cuddly. Some are just plain creepy. Usually, we think of cats as adorable, furry creatures that snuggle on your lap. But this one cat had a much more ominous vibe.

TikToker @stopaskingifimondrugs is detailing an eerie story about a cat she encountered after leaving work early.

The reason she had to return home early was that her stepdad had been in an accident, and she needed to help get him up the stairs after he came home from the hospital.

So on her way home from work, she briefly stopped by a karaoke place to greet her friends who were hanging out there.

The karaoke place was only a two-minute walk from her house, so she had plenty of time to get home before her parents did.

But while walking home, she spotted a cat that looked exactly like her kitten. So she assumed her cat had escaped when her mom took her stepdad to the hospital.

She started following the cat down different streets and calling its name before it turned down her road and took off running.

At this point, she had been trailing the cat for about twenty minutes and decided to record it because it was beginning to fade out of view.

Then, the cat ran up the staircase in front of her house. There was no doubt in her mind that this was her cat because it knew her home.

Yury and Tanya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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