She Never Explained To Her Boyfriend That She Owns The House That They Live In Because She Was Worried He Might Treat Her Differently, But He Found Out And He Feels Betrayed

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

It’s common for people to believe that you shouldn’t discuss certain things related to money. For instance, some find it rude when you ask them how much they spend each month on rent or how much they purchased a house for.

A lot of people like to keep their lips sealed when it comes to costly things. But how would you react if you were moving in with someone who won’t tell you how much the property costs?

One woman’s boyfriend recently moved into her home, and she tried for as long as possible to avoid telling him she owns the house.

She and her boyfriend are both in their late 20s and have been together for a year.

She owns the house she lives in, and when her boyfriend’s roommates all went to live with their girlfriends, she invited him to move in. However, she didn’t want to tell him she owns her home at a rather young age.

“Owning my home is a privilege I never thought I’d ever achieve,” she said. “So when I tell people, I feel uncomfortable because I don’t want it to appear like I’m ‘”flexing.'” She felt that if she told her boyfriend she owns the house, he might treat her differently.

So when he asked her how much he would owe in rent, she told him not to worry about it and that it would be easier for her to keep paying rent while they split the cost of groceries and utilities.

Although he was suspicious, they moved forward.

However, a few weekends ago, she hosted a few family members, and her dad brought up her mortgage and interest rates. Her boyfriend overheard the conversation and was upset that she would keep that secret from him.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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