She Went Back To Her Dorm Room To Cool Off Before Her Mom And Stepdad’s Wedding After Her Stepdad Yelled At Her

Then, he snapped. He told her to shut her mouth and to do her “job.” Before long, he began yelling at her. 

“When he gets angry, he begins to yell, stomp around, break stuff, and generally becomes a bit scary,” she said.

“It was after he started yelling at me that I snapped. I just grabbed my stuff, said goodbye to my parents, and drove away. They called me several times, and my stepfather was furious.”

She left to cool down in her dorm room for a while before returning to her parents’ house for the ceremony. Unfortunately, no one was interested in apologizing to her when she got there.

Instead, they only gave her dirty looks and excluded her from the luncheon after the ceremony. 

Do you think she deserved that kind of treatment for walking out, or should her stepdad have apologized for his outburst? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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