She’s Convinced That Her Friend Never Invited Her To Be A Bridesmaid Because She’s Not Skinny Enough

She’s been feeling insecure about the whole thing and is starting to wonder if she wasn’t asked because of her appearance. The girls her friend posed with are all quite thin, while she’s a bit overweight. 

When she asked her friend why she wasn’t invited to be a bridesmaid, her friend gave her a lame apology and said that she had to lower the number of bridesmaids she had, so she cut her out.

She also used an odd excuse and said she didn’t ask her because she assumed she didn’t like taking a ton of pictures. 

That’s true, in a sense. She isn’t the biggest fan of having solo pictures taken of her. But she definitely wouldn’t have minded taking photos as a bridesmaid at the wedding. 

Then, her friend told her, “Don’t worry, you’ll still be front and center.”

Why would she want to be ‘front and center’ as a guest at the wedding?

She still hasn’t received an honest answer as to why she won’t be a bridesmaid, but she’s pretty convinced that her friend would rather have a group of girls who look like models standing behind her at the altar instead of her best friend for the sake of appearances. 

Do you think she should confront her friend again or let it go?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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