She’s Issuing A Warning About Sports Bras After She Had A Scary Experience

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For many women and girls, sports bras are the go-to bra for everyday wear, not just for playing sports.

They have become such a popular choice because they provide comfort and support without feeling like they’re suffocating the girlies. Poky underwire bras just can’t compete.

And why clasp on a regular bra when you don’t have to? Sports bras are especially favored by women with bigger chests because they offer more support. Sports bra sizes are also more inclusive and, therefore, easier to find in stores than underwire ones.

Although sports bras have many benefits for women on the go, constantly wearing them can actually have harmful side effects for your ta-tas.

And TikToker Kelly Haze (@.kellyhaze) is telling you why. As someone with a larger chest, Kelly is a frequent wearer of sports bras.

“I wear my sports bra all the time. I’m always running errands, I’m always in my gym clothes, even at work, I’ll wear sports bras underneath my regular clothes,” said Kelly.

But after a trip to the doctor’s, she was told she needed to undergo an ultrasound because of a lump.

Fortunately, nothing came of it, but the whole experience gave Kelly a scare, and she felt she had to warn others about what the doctor told her.

The constricting nature and tightness of sports bras can trap the fluids from your lymph nodes and prevent them from flowing. The fluid will then build up in the areas under your armpits and potentially cause lumps.

somemeans – – illustrative purposes only

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