While She Was Working Late At The Office One Night, She Had A Scary Encounter With A Strange Man

.shock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman recently described a terrifying experience she had while working late in her office that makes me want to be extra cautious. 

At the time, she worked for a large company and had a job at their corporate headquarters. They had recently hired someone new for their advertising, who she describes as a “politically divisive celebrity.”

This caused some controversy for the company, and the headquarters often received threatening phone calls after the ad campaign with the celebrity launched.

One night, she was closing up the building she worked in on the main campus. The facilities are not open to the public, and yet, a strange man in a grey jumpsuit approached her as she was locking up her desk. He told her that he wanted to speak to the CEO.

Already knowing this man was bad news, she asked him if he had made an appointment with the CEO.

He said no, but he “had some business to settle with him and would like to have him sit down and listen.”

Feeling alarmed and freaked out, she tried to calmly tell him that only the CEO’s assistant was able to set up meetings and that she didn’t even know if the CEO was still in the building.

Suddenly, the man went behind her desk to look at her computer screen. That’s when she could see that he was armed. 

The man started ranting about how he knew she had the CEO’s location or phone number. He then threatened her, saying that he was going to step outside for five minutes, and if the CEO wasn’t there when he got back, she needed to be ready to walk him to his office directly.

.shock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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