After Her Sister Berated Her Own Fiancé For Wanting A Beach Wedding, She Called Her Sister A Bridezilla And Made Her Cry

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People tend to have strong feelings about beach weddings for some reason. They either love the idea of a ceremony or reception on a beach, or they hate it. 

One woman recently got into trouble with her sister after siding with her future brother-in-law, who wants to have a beach reception for their wedding. 

She’s 24-years-old and has a sister three years older than her. Her sister is getting ready to marry her fiancé toward the end of the summer or the start of the fall.

They’ve been together for two years, despite their very different personalities. She describes her sister as superficial and compares her to the iconic Mean Girls character, Regina George. Her sister’s fiancé, on the other hand, is very laid back and enjoys many simple pleasures.

She’s always gotten along with her sister’s fiancé and has a lot in common with him. Recently, their bond upset her sister when it came to figuring out where their wedding reception would be held.

Her sister has already arranged their wedding ceremony, which will be held in a local church. Now, she and her fiancé need to figure out where they’ll have the reception.

Her sister wants the reception to be held in the same event space she had her 18th birthday party in. It’s a very fancy venue and fits her sophisticated style. 

“My future brother-in-law wants to have some kind of beach reception,” she explained. “He thought about reserving a restaurant that’s near the beach and [having] a party there.”

The beach reception wouldn’t be anywhere near as fancy as the venue her sister picked, but she liked that idea a lot more.

tch89 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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