After Her Sister Falsely Accused Her Fiancé And Never Apologized, She Allowed Her Fiancé To Fat Shame Her Sister At A Family Get Together 

ty - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Late last year, this 27-year-old woman accidentally slipped on a patch of ice and wound up with a massive bruise ranging from her shoulder all the way down to her hip.

And after the accident, her 30-year-old fiancé was extremely caring– not letting her lift a finger while she was recovering.

During the recovery process, her 30-year-old sister visited her home, too, and took notice of how attentive her fiancé had been. He was constantly checking to see if she was okay, bringing her food, and giving her massages.

At the time, her sister then made a remark about how her fiancé was likely just acting out of guilt. But, at the moment, her mind glazed over the comment and didn’t even process what her sister had said.

So, it was not until she saw her sister next at her family’s Christmas party that the truth came out. While at the party, she and her fiancé decided to announce their engagement. That same day, her sister apparently began talking to everyone about the bruise and strongly insinuated that her fiancé was being abusive.

So, a few days after the party, her mom and aunt went over to her house and claimed to be worried about her. After they filled her in on what her sister had claimed, though, she was shell-shocked.

She immediately tried to explain what had really happened. But nothing she said got through, and her mom and aunt were still skeptical. Then, they even suggested that she go stay with her mom!

She just refused, though, and wound up calling her fiancé– who went straight home. And once he arrived, her fiancé was seriously upset.

“But, to his credit, he remained calm and brought out the CCTV footage from the patio where I slipped– which I completely forgot about in my panic,” she recalled.

ty – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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