His Friend’s Trying To Rationalize Having A One-Night Stand With A Married Man

moofushi - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It was a week ago when this 25-year-old guy and his 25-year-old female friend were at a bar together.

There, his friend met a guy named Josh, who seemed to be somewhere in his mid-30s or early 40s.

His friend really hit it off with Josh, and he was sitting close enough to Josh that he could see a text pop up on his phone.

The text said something along the lines of, “When are you coming home, babe?” followed by a heart emoji.

He wasn’t listening to what his friend and Josh were talking about, but after he saw that text, he began paying attention.

It was harmless chitchat between his friend and Josh, and they were talking about a TV show. He jumped into the conversation before asking if everyone wanted more drinks.

Everyone said yes, so he asked his friend to come along with him to get more drinks. He then informed his friend about the text he saw on Josh’s phone.

His friend seemed shocked to know that Josh clearly had a woman at home waiting for him, but then they had to quickly place their drinks orders.

After they arrived back at the table, his friend asked Josh if he was married, and Josh confirmed this.

moofushi – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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