He Told His Sister That He’s Not Giving Her The $22,000 She Needs For Weight Loss Surgery, And Now She’s Saying Mean Things About Him To Their Family

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Have you ever had to decline to give a family member money when they asked for some? Being put in that situation can be very uncomfortable, whether it’s a big or small amount of money.

One man recently had to tell his sister he wouldn’t give her all the money she needs for weight loss surgery, and now she’s bad-mouthing him to the rest of their family. 

He’s 45-years-old and has a half-sister named Alissa, who is 37. Alissa has struggled with obesity for a few years and weighs over 300 pounds. 

For a while, she’s been considering getting a gastric sleeve procedure to help her lose weight. She recently found a doctor who could do the procedure and, after a few consultations, found out she was eligible for surgery.

“I know it’s been extremely difficult for her to lose weight, and I’m very happy that she wants to look into different methods to help her gain control of her life again,” he said. 

As happy as he is for his sister, things got uncomfortable between them when she asked him and his wife to help her pay for the surgery. 

Alissa explained to him and his wife that the gastric sleeve procedure and a follow-up excess skin removal surgery would cost around $22,000.

Unfortunately, Alissa can’t pay for nearly enough of those costs as she has no savings and has been living paycheck to paycheck. She tried asking their parents for financial support, but they couldn’t give her anything.

On the other hand, he and his wife work corporate jobs that keep their income stable. So, Alissa asked them if they would help her pay for her surgery. He and his wife have other financial matters they need to worry about, like their son’s private school tuition.

twinsterphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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