Her Grandma Signed Her Up To Do Everyone’s Makeup For Her Aunt’s Wedding Without Asking Her, And She Won’t Be Getting Paid

Victoria Andreas - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you have any hobbies or skills that your friends or family sometimes ask you to use so you can help them? For instance, if you love working with tools, do you get asked to perform small repair jobs for your loved ones?

One woman who’s obsessed with makeup has found herself responsible for doing multiple family members’ makeup for her aunt’s wedding. However, she was signed up for this position without consent and won’t even be getting paid. 

Makeup is a great passion of hers, and she’s previously enrolled in school to become a professional makeup artist. 

In a few days, she’ll travel to Jamaica with her entire family for her aunt’s wedding. The wedding is on a Saturday, but Thursday and Friday will be filled with pre-wedding events for everyone to attend. It will be a bit chaotic, but she’s been looking forward to enjoying herself and having a good time. 

She knew she’d have to put makeup on her mom, aunt, and grandma before the wedding ceremony since they didn’t know much about putting it on themselves. 

“I had no issues with this as we previously discussed what I’d help them with, which was really just their eyes,” she explained.

“All in all, to do three people, it should only take me about an hour, giving me enough time to fix myself up as well.”

However, she found out just days before they were set to fly to Jamaica that her grandma volunteered her makeup services for three of her cousins, not just for the wedding but also for the pre-wedding events.

That means she’d be going from helping three to six people with their makeup over multiple days. On top of everything, her cousins will require a full face of makeup, which would take around 40 minutes per person.

Victoria Andreas – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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