Here’s How You Can Effectively Teach Your Child To Handle Rejection, Because It’s An Inevitable Part Of Life

But failure is totally normal! It’s how you can learn from your mistakes and become better. Failure also doesn’t mean that you are bad at something.

Rarely can anyone get something right on the first try. Failure may feel uncomfortable, but it’s important to keep trying; otherwise, you will never grow.

And last up is a mistake that many parents tend to make. They associate their children’s worth with their accomplishments.

As a result, lots of kids don’t feel deserving of love unless they manage to win every award or get straight A’s every semester. Only then do they feel successful. This can contribute to some fragile self-esteem.

Instead of putting a spotlight on the accomplishments, focus on applauding the efforts your child took to get there. That way, they know the most important thing they can do is try their best.

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