Here’s How You Can Grow An Avocado Plant With Just A Pit

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Did you know you can grow your own avocado plant from the fruit’s pit? An indoor avocado plant makes a neat addition to your room decor.

The plant itself produces bright green leaves with slightly serrated edges and has a long stem that grows straight and tall.

If this is news to you, TikToker Ash Ruiz (@herbal.ash) is showing you just how you can get started. So instead of throwing out the pit after making your avocado toast, set it aside and follow these instructions to grow a cute houseplant.

Ash does note in the caption of her video that it takes years for an avocado plant to bear fruit, and it’s unlikely that it will turn out like the kind you buy at the grocery store.

But it’s so unique-looking and easy to grow that it’s totally worth having around. And since the plant will be acclimated to being indoors, it won’t grow as big as it would in nature. There’s no need to worry about the plant taking over your house!

So obviously, the first thing you need is an avocado seed. Wash it off really well with some water and peel off the brown skin.

Next, grab a damp paper towel and loosely wrap the avocado seed up. Place it in a moist plastic baggie for about four to eight weeks.

After the seed has grown roots, you will need a clean glass container or a glass bottle filled with filtered water.

The opening of the container should be big enough for the roots to grow in but small enough so that the actual seed won’t fall through and touch the water.

Tierney – – illustrative purposes only

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