If You Completely Lack A Green Thumb, Here Are 7 Houseplants That You Probably Won’t Kill

Chinese Money Plant

This elegant, green-leafed plant is said to bring luck and financial prosperity to its owner, so it’s definitely worth getting one. The money plant survives in low light but does best in bright, indirect sunlight.

Just keep it away from hot, dry air to prevent its leaves from drying out and falling off. Loss of leaves represents a loss in finances, so your plant must stay healthy to continue bringing in the money!

Hoya (Wax Plant)

Known for its waxy leaves, the hoya needs lots of bright, filtered light, so harsh sunlight is a no-no. It is recommended to let the soil dry out between waterings. And when its leaves start to wrinkle, that’s your sign to give your hoya a drink. As a vine plant, you’ll also need to make space for it to hang downward.


The monstera is a unique plant with cool cut-outs in its leaves, making it a favorite among plant lovers. They can flourish in both bright and dimmer light settings. Luckily, monsteras can also tolerate a little drought because who has time to water every day?

Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are probably the easiest plant to care for. I have one of my own, and it is thriving! They can be grown in either dirt or water and flourish in bright, indirect sunlight.

If you’re growing it in water, make sure to replenish the water every 7 to 10 days.

And if your plant’s life seems to be fading, distilled water can help restore it.

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