She Had A Sinister Experience With A Lifeguard And A Sauna, And She Says She Was Nearly Cooked Alive

GeorgeTsamakdas - - illustrative purposes only

Sometimes there’s nothing like relaxing in a hot sauna after a workout at the gym. But one woman had a sinister experience in a sauna that almost makes us never want to enter one again. 

Back in 2011, when she was only 10-years-old, she and her cousin were visiting their grandmother. One day, their grandmother dropped the two girls off at the local YMCA to have fun for a couple of hours.

The gym was fairly empty that day, and they were having a great time, playing games on the basketball court and shooting baskets. 

They decided to swim in the gym’s new pool for the last two hours of their visit. They were the only two people in the pool, and a female lifeguard was on duty. The two cousins played around in the pool and decided to have contests to see who could hold their breath the longest.

They dipped their faces into the water for as long as they could over and over again until she felt a tap on her shoulder.

It was the lifeguard scolding them and telling them to “knock it off,” or else they’d have to exit the pool. Since they only had about an hour left of their visit and were getting cold in the water anyway, they decided to get out. That’s when the lifeguard asked them if they’d like to warm up in the sauna. 

“The sign said ’18 years or older,’ so of course, we were super excited that she allowed us to do that,” she says. 

The lifeguard led them into the sauna and started messing with the thermometer. The girls could tell she was turning up the heat and noticed the sauna started heating up.

There was a clock inside so they could see how long they’d be inside. Once she was finished fixing the thermometer, the lifeguard left and shut the door behind her. 

GeorgeTsamakdas – – illustrative purposes only

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