She Had A Terrifying Experience With Food Being Delivered To Her House, Which Eventually Made Her Realize That She Had A Stalker

verona_studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re a big fan of getting food delivered to your house, this story might be too creepy for you. 

One woman had a terrifying experience with food being delivered to her house, which eventually indicated someone with bad intentions was harassing her. 

After graduating college in Florida when she was 23-years-old, she decided to change her life and move across the country. She was living in a townhome at the time and had a friend who would take over her lease before she moved.

Right before she planned to move out, that same friend moved into one of the bedrooms in the townhouse to help her out. 

One night while they were watching TV, the doorbell rang around 10:00 pm. Her friend went to answer the door, and he came back with a delivery bag of food from a sandwich shop. He assumed she had ordered something without telling him, but she hadn’t.

She assumed the food had been delivered to the wrong house, but when she looked closer, her name and address were on the receipt. She saw that the food had been delivered through an app and called the phone number that was provided on the receipt. 

“I called the number, and someone answered, but they never spoke,” she remembered. “I could only hear the ambient sounds of a room and breathing. I convinced myself this was some kind of prank or misunderstanding.”

She and her friend decided to let it go, thinking it wouldn’t happen again. 

However, they heard another knock at the door a few nights later. Her friend opened it and saw a delivery man with more food for her. Her friend tried explaining that she didn’t order anything, but the delivery driver said that a man had called and ordered the food for her.

verona_studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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