She Offended Her Future Sister-In-Law After She Said That She Looked Sickly Thin Trying On Wedding Dresses

Margo Basarab - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s pretty common knowledge that you shouldn’t make comments on other people’s bodies. But what if it was a loved one, and you’re genuinely concerned by their appearance?

One woman recently offended her future sister-in-law after telling her that she looked sickly thin while trying on wedding dresses. 

She’s 29-years-old, and her younger brother will be getting married soon. Their family gets along well with his fiancée and has accepted her as part of the family.

Her brother’s fiancée has been very excited about planning the upcoming wedding and trying on dresses.

She describes her family as being full of pretty ‘big’ people, so her brother’s fiancée has always kind of stood out for being very thin. They had a cousin who passed away due to an eating disorder, so they’ve always been slightly concerned for her health. 

However, her future sister-in-law always explained that she was healthy and just happened to be naturally skinny. 

Recently, she was invited by the bride-to-be to try on wedding dresses along with a few of her family members and some friends.

Her side of the family picked out a lot of big dresses for her to wear, while some friends picked out dresses of different styles.

“She was trying on the dresses, and one of her friends had picked a strapless siren-cut dress. It was cute, but it looked bad on her. It made her look like she was sick and unhealthy,” she remembered.

Margo Basarab – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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