She Once Got Trapped In A Closet By A Man With Bad Intentions, And After She Luckily Escaped, She Found Out That She Was Hardly The First Young Woman He Tried To Prey On

looking2thesky - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the worst experiences one can have is getting trapped in a small space. But it’s especially worse if someone with bad intentions has trapped you.

One woman was once trapped in a closet by the husband of the owner of the school she attended. To this day, she wishes she had done more to defend herself in the scary situation.

When she was 20, she was enrolled in a school to get her cosmetology license. The school wasn’t very fancy as it was in a small town, in a dated building. 

The owner of the beauty school was a woman in her 60s. Her husband, who was around the same age, and their son were property managers. 

“I didn’t like being around the husband,” she remembered.

“I found him off-putting. I sensed an unpredictable vibe. He was quiet, but I always felt like he was leering at us girls.”

Rumors about the owner’s husband circled the school and often involved him being drunk at work. 

But one day, he did something to her that was the ultimate indicator of him being a dangerous man. 

At the end of their school days, all students were responsible for performing a clean-up and had to finish a bunch of chores in the building. 

looking2thesky – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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