She’s Saying That Strict Parents Just End Up Raising Super Sneaky Kids

Ursula Page - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you heard that saying about how strict parents raise sneaky kids? Well, it’s totally true, and I’m speaking from experience here. But we’re not here to discuss my teenage years.

TikToker Mina (@minaamouse016) is talking about her experience growing up with strict parents and all the stuff she had to do in secret. There were a lot of things she kept under wraps.

“First up, I was one of those girls that would make my boyfriend drive further than where I live, just so like my parents wouldn’t see me get out of his car,” said Mina.

And anytime she bought a crop top or other clothing items her parents would disapprove of, she would hide them in her locker at school.

Then, she would change her outfit when she arrived at school. “I was literally a Transformer,” declared Mina.

She also kept a stash of Victoria’s Secret bras hidden in her closet. But one day, after coming home from school, Mina’s mom discovered them and confronted her about it.

At this point, Mina had become an expert at lying to her parents. So when she saw her mom pointing at the undergarments, she immediately burst into laughter.

“I’m like, Mom, you can’t think those are mine. Literally gaslighting her so hard, being like Mom, that’s not even bra size. Like those are so big, my [chest is] so small; they could never fit,” said Mina.

She told her mom that the bras were a friend’s and that the friend wanted Mina to keep them so her parents wouldn’t find out.

Ursula Page – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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