You Can Grow Kumquats In Containers Right On Your Balcony Or Deck, And Here’s How

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If you don’t know what a kumquat is, you’re about to find out. Kumquats are fruits that resemble oranges, but they’re smaller and more tart.

Unlike an orange, they can be eaten whole and raw with the peel and all. You can also slice them up for salads or use them in desserts. Its tangy, citrusy flavor complements sweets well.

Doesn’t that sound good to you? And what’s more, you can grow your very own supply of them right at home! Here’s how you can grow kumquat trees in pots on your balcony or deck.

One great advantage of keeping kumquat plants in containers is that you have the ability to move them around more easily, whether it’s for getting them more sun or taking them inside to protect them from frost.

Kumquats need plenty of sun to fully fruit. They are tolerant of the cold, but don’t risk it! As soon as the weather turns colder, bring your kumquat tree inside. It’s recommended to start planting in spring.

Also, when you pick your container, make sure it’s a decent size and has several draining holes. Kumquats will fail to thrive if their roots don’t have enough space to spread out.

Put your pot on a rolling dolly to allow for better airflow. It also makes a heavy and bulky pot easier to move around.

Fill your container with a well-draining potting mix and water properly. Kumquats aren’t picky about soil types. Clay soil will cause their downfall, though, because it doesn’t drain very well.

When watering, the soil should be moist but not wet. For young kumquat plants, water them two to three times per week. If the soil feels dried out, water the tree until water begins dripping from the bottom of the pot.

janaph – – illustrative purposes only

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