7 Parts Of A Wedding Your Guests Definitely Don’t Enjoy, And What You Can Do Differently To Help Them Have A Good Time

Aleksandr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

There’s so much to enjoy about weddings, from getting to meet new people to indulging in the food and drink. Of course, who doesn’t love celebrating at a giant party?

Although weddings may be heaps of fun, there are several things that wedding guests secretly detest. To ensure everyone has a blast at your wedding, avoid these seven pet peeves that really get on guests’ nerves.

Too Many Long Speeches

Long speeches don’t appeal to the guests. When every bridesmaid wants a turn at the mic to share a personal anecdote and the best man drones on about a drunken college adventure that takes forever to get to the point, people are bound to grow weary.

While it’s entertaining and heartwarming to hear a story about the couple everyone is celebrating, most guests won’t understand the inside jokes and, therefore, lose interest quickly.

So put a limit on the length and number of toasts to allow your guests to appreciate speeches that are short and sweet.

Waiting In Line

Guests don’t want to wait in line for food, drinks, photo booths, restrooms, or anything. They came to your wedding to celebrate you and mingle with other people, not waste time standing around. If possible, set up two locations to reduce the amount of waiting time.

Group Dances

Aleksandr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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