She Went On A Zoo Date, And It Instantly Got Off To A Bad Start When He Asked Her To Buy Her Own Ticket, Yet He Had A Coupon To Get In Free

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One woman on Twitter shared a memory of a first date she had at the zoo sometime during the early 2010s. From the start, her date was a disaster, but she got through it!

Elena (@ElenaBjxrn) spilled the many details that showed why her date was so awful in a thread of tweets.

“I just remembered the time I went on a first date to London Zoo, and at the gate, he asked if I would mind paying for my own ticket, which I said I would, at which point he pulled out a 2-for-1 voucher, so I paid for my ticket, and he went in for free,” wrote Elena.

The whole ticket fiasco wasn’t even the worst of it. While on their date at the zoo, the guy told her a very long anecdote about how he got his heart broken by a girl who didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

The story itself was a tip-off that he wasn’t really the greatest guy since it was less about heartbreak and more about him pursuing an uninterested female friend who had to get her boyfriend to make him stop harassing her.

At the end of the date, she attempted to make a quick escape by saying she wanted to get a head start on her Christmas shopping, even though it was only August at the time. As she tried to leave, he grabbed her into a weird headlock and smashed his teeth into hers.

She mentioned that the zoo date was his idea and he was clearly on a budget. Users on Twitter praised the guy for successfully getting a trip to the zoo without having to spend any money.

“Lots of men are QTing this saying that he was a king or whatever, and if the man’s main objective was to get a free trip to the zoo, then maybe he was,” wrote Elena.

“But if his objective was to get lucky, he failed miserably. I guess it depends on what you want out of a date.”

Ram T M – – illustrative purposes only

Her dating life in the past may have been a mess, but Elena is currently in a happy relationship with a guy who does not scam her into free zoo trips. So now, she is able to look back and laugh.

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