Her Cousin Intentionally Bought The Exact Same Wedding Dress As Her, So She Called Her Out The Night Before Her Wedding

Her cousin completely avoided telling her the truth, and instead, her cousin manufactured crazy stories for weeks on end about not having a dress or finally having one that was being altered, so she couldn’t share photos of it.

On the evening before her cousin’s wedding day, her cousin asked her and her mom to come over to her house to help her with a couple of last-minute things.

While there, she and her mom asked her cousin for a peek at her dress. Her cousin relented and went to grab her dress to show them.

“Of course, it was the exact same dress,” she said. “I was extremely hurt and asked why she would go out of her way to steal my wedding dress, knowing full well her wedding is before mine, which means everyone would see it on her before me.”

“I said if she had spoken to me beforehand I might have chosen to let her have the dress, but she went behind my back and chose to lie about it repeatedly.”

“Things got heated, and I ended up leaving. I’m not sure if I even want to go to her wedding tomorrow after the stunt she and her mother pulled. Everyone in my family thinks I overreacted and should have kept my mouth shut until after her wedding instead of creating animosity the night before her big day.”

Do you think it was wrong of her to confront her cousin right before her wedding?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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