Her Friend Won An Art Competition At Their School With A Mother’s Day Card She Made For Her, So She Reported Her

pololia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This girl’s friend asked her to make a Mother’s Day card for her to give to her mom, and she said yes to doing this.

She has met her friend’s mom on several occasions, and her friend’s mom is quite kind. She is really an artist among her friends, and so she was happy to spend a few hours of her time making this Mother’s Day card for her friend.

Well, she then found out that their school was holding a little art competition, and the winner would receive a $200 gift card to a local craft store.

Her friend’s English teacher was running the competition, and her friend learned about it directly from the teacher.

Her friend then took the Mother’s Day card she made, entered it into the art competition under her own name, and won the competition.

She had no idea until they both ended up at an assembly, and that’s when she found out. As soon as she learned what her friend did, she was upset her friend did that.

Her friend excused what she did by claiming her mom told her to submit the card to the art competition because it was so nice.

“When I asked if we could at least split the prize, she said no and that it was hers now since I gave it to her and that she already spent the prize,” she explained.

“After talking it over with my friends, we ended up reporting her to the principal, who said that she would be suspended from future school events.”

pololia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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