Her In-Laws Treat Her Like A Live-In Maid Because She’s Expected To Do All Of The Cooking And Cleaning While They Relax With Her Husband

lenetsnikolai - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman is currently married to her husband, who is 27. And unfortunately, her father-in-law encountered some health issues and needed some help around the house.

That’s why she and her husband initially agreed to move in with her husband’s parents to help out.

Since then, her father-in-law’s health has gotten better. But, there are still certain things that her father-in-law cannot do anymore, which her husband has taken over.

Quite frankly, though, she is ready to move out. And she and her husband have even discussed it.

“But my in-laws are very resistant to the idea, stating that there is plenty of room here, and they don’t know what they would do without us,” she said.

To give some context on the living arrangement, she and her husband are not currently paying her in-laws to live in their house. And apparently, this was actually her in-laws’ decision.

Instead, they always pay for groceries and several household bills– including electricity, TV, and internet– since the house does not have a mortgage.

In terms of responsibilities, she also handles all of the household cleaning, cooking, and pet care– arranging veterinary appointments and taking all of her in-laws’ animals to and from the vet.

“I do work from home, so this is easier for me as I am able to be flexible. And we also pay half of any house modifications or upgrades as my in-laws say, ‘It’ll be your house one day,'” she explained.

lenetsnikolai – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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