Her Recipe For Linguine Salad Has Bold Flavors And Bright Colors

TikTok - @kathyquad123

No matter what your main dishes might be, your Memorial Day menu should always consist of some classic cookout sides, particularly a pasta salad.

TikToker Kathy (@kathyquad123) has a recipe for linguine salad you should definitely make during the Memorial Day weekend. The bold flavors and bright colors will grace your table with a festive air.

The linguine salad is coated with a rich homemade Italian dressing and tossed with chopped vegetables, making it a dish that’s refreshing and enjoyable for the summer.

No mayonnaise is necessary for this recipe, so it won’t spoil as quickly in the warmer weather.

Start by adding a pound and a half of linguine to a pot of salted boiling water. In the meantime, cut up six small cucumbers, shaving off the skin before slicing into them.

Next, slice up some grape tomatoes. Kathy demonstrates a life-changing hack for easily cutting these tomatoes in half.

Line up four tomatoes in a row, along with another four underneath, for a total of eight tomatoes.

Take a small, round plastic lid, place it on top of the tomatoes, hold it firmly, and use your knife to cut the tomatoes in half.

After preparing the tomatoes, chop up a handful of fresh basil. By this time, your pasta should be done cooking. Drain it in the sink, then run it under a stream of cold water.

Next, make the Italian dressing. You’ll need to mix a packet of Italian seasoning, olive oil, and white wine vinegar in a jar.

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