He’s At A Loss For What To Do After His Wife Walked Out And Ghosted Him And Their Three Children

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Have you ever been abandoned or ghosted by someone? Was that someone your spouse?

One man is at a loss for what to do after watching his wife walk out their front door without saying a word.

He’s 33 and has been with his 30-year-old wife since 2009. They got married in 2015 and have three children together. 

Recently, they’ve faced some intense hardships. She was pregnant but sadly lost the baby; one of them lost their job, and the stress caused them to fight.

“But, we have always worked through everything and always come out stronger on the other side,” he explained.

Over the years, he’s done whatever he could to keep his wife happy. He works a full-time job but still tries to find the time to help her cook and clean.

However, his wife suddenly became very distant over the last two months. She stopped showing him affection in any form. She’d push him away if he tried to give her a simple peck on the cheek. To make matters worse, her father died a month ago, but her strange behavior had begun before then.

His wife’s behavior continued to grow concerning, as she would refuse food or drinks he offered her at mealtimes. She wouldn’t say anything when he would ask her about her day. It got to a point where she hardly spoke to him every day, and she would spend a lot of extra time on her phone.

Then, the other day, he watched her pack up a suitcase and walk out the front door, leaving him and their three kids. She showed no emotion as he asked her to stay and try to make their marriage work.

mimagephotos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person












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