If You Recently Graduated College, Then You Know That The Milestone Is Bittersweet, And Here Are A Couple Of Things To Keep In Mind As You Work To Build Your Career

Be a sponge, soak up information, and remember that you are not as smart as you think you are. Practice humility instead of arrogance, and take all opportunities to learn, ask questions, and better yourself. This will immediately impress your employers.

Speaking of impressing employers, this may sound cliché, but you create a first impression from the moment you walk into the office. Be sure to hold your head high, practice politeness, dress for success, and be attentive. Listen while you are in meetings, be curious, and search for ways to add value.

It’s often the little things that catch a supervisor’s eye. So find your strengths, lean into them, and think about the kind of impression you want to create.

After all, starting a new job is essentially a reinvention of yourself. You decide how others perceive you through your words and actions. Choose wisely.

Then, once you make a stellar first impression, it’s time to actually get to work. And this is where many new graduates struggle.

You may feel confused, hesitant, or like your new role is “out of your league.” And while this is completely natural, don’t be your own worst critic.

Counting yourself out is a surefire way to kill your confidence and result in shoddy work. Instead, acknowledge your weaknesses and start working to compensate for them.

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. And if you just need a better understanding of some operational processes, do your homework.

Compile notes, lists, guides, flow charts– whatever works for you. Go above and beyond not just because it will wow your coworkers but because it will also help you learn.

This is known as “working smarter.” You are killing two birds with one stone. And while this might be challenging, it is extremely worth it in the long run.

As you show repeated diligence and produce consistent results, your employer will take notice. Building this track record will set the stage for future project opportunities, bonuses, and even promotions. That’s why starting off with a bang and sticking to good habits is your key to success.

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