She Claimed That Her Stepmom Was No Better Than A High School Bully After She Was Compared To Her “Golden Child” Cousin Again And Told She’ll Never Make As Much Money

ALEXSTUDIO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old woman believes that her stepmother is a narcissist. And this all ties back to how she was treated during childhood.

While growing up, her stepmom would always find new creative ways to put her down and compare her to her biological cousin, as well as her stepmother’s nephews.

Her cousin, however, was the real kicker– since they were seen as the “golden child” in her stepmom’s eyes.

In fact, she was actually told to be less like herself and more like her cousin. That’s why she grew up feeling extremely self-conscious and very embarrassed of any failures.

And even now that she is 24, the comparisons have continued happening. But, after the most recent incident, she finally stood up for herself.

It all began when she went home to visit her family over Thanksgiving. And it just so happened that her cousin decided to go, too, since they were attending a local nursing school.

“The whole time, my family was fawning over my cousin in front of me like she’s the next coming of Christ, yet nobody bothered to acknowledge me,” she recalled.

She genuinely cannot understand that, either, since she is currently attending graduate school for math. Still, for whatever reason, the fact that her cousin is a nurse seemingly “takes the cake” in her family.

Anyway, later that evening, she was hanging out with her family in the kitchen when her stepmother started to “kiss her cousin’s donkey” again.

ALEXSTUDIO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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