She Doesn’t Want To Go To Her Boyfriend’s Place Anymore Because A Mouse Was In His Bathtub, And He Refused To Clean It Afterward

However, she knows that mice can carry diseases– which is why she thought actually cleaning the bathtub was a good idea.

She then decided to ask if her boyfriend had a problem with harsh chemicals and suggested that he use essential oils instead. Apparently, essential oils have disinfectant properties and work well when mixed with vinegar.

But, her boyfriend still maintained that water was good enough and thought she was “freaking out” and making a “big deal” over nothing but her fear of mice.

Now, she knows that since it is obviously her boyfriend’s condo and his bathtub, he does not have to clean the tub if he really doesn’t want to.

This weekend, though, she was supposed to go over to his place. And since he doesn’t want to clean the tub before she takes a shower, she honestly doesn’t want to go to her boyfriend’s condo anymore.

“Even though he agreed to clean the tub before using it, he didn’t. And now, I definitely don’t want to spend this weekend there since he seems opposed to cleaning it,” she vented.

But while she thinks her concerns are valid, her boyfriend has since accused her of being a “clean freak,” which resulted in an argument.

So, she’s now been left wondering whether reminding her boyfriend to clean the tub was a jerky thing to do.

Would you want to shower in that tub after the mouse was in it? Regardless, was it her place to tell her boyfriend to clean his tub? What would you have done?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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