She Humiliated Her High School Bully But Is Having Second Thoughts About Giving Her A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

millaf - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back when this 18-year-old woman was just entering high school, she moved to a new town. So, she was forced to start over, and freshman year was apparently her worst year ever in school.

At first, she went through the normal emotions– feeling like “the new kid” and wishing she could just go home.

But then, about a week into the school year, she met a new group of girls in her lunch period– Alicia, Cara, Laurie, and Amber, who were 14 or 15 years old.

At that point, they all spent some time getting to know each other. And eventually, she felt like she had finally found her footing and a good friend group.

After a few more weeks passed by, however, she realized that the girls would only talk to her whenever they needed her help filming a TikTok video. And aside from that, she was never included in anything else.

Additionally, the girls also started making really mean comments about her body– pointing out how she was not thin “like them.”

“I was already feeling self-conscious, but they only made me feel worse– calling me ugly and saying that no guy would want to be with me,” she recalled.

So, she did go to school administrators for help with the bullying. However, the school staff claimed that without any evidence, there was nothing they could do.

That’s why the bullying continued. And eventually, she even started skipping meals due to her “friend’s” hurtful words.

millaf – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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