She Humiliated Her High School Bully But Is Having Second Thoughts About Giving Her A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Thankfully, her parents did find out about what was going on, and they begged her not to hurt herself anymore. Then, following months of that emotional torture by the girls at her school, she finally left the week right before winter break.

“It took me a while to feel like a normal person again,” she said.

Now, though, she is 18 years old, and her life has drastically improved. She recently got accepted to college and even earned a scholarship. Plus, she wound up meeting a great guy, and they are heading off to prom next week.

Most importantly, she has also finally learned to love her body.

But, about three days ago, she and her mom decided to go shoe shopping when she was once again confronted with even more hurtful bullying.

It all began when they were in a department store browsing, and after a while, she heard some girls laughing and chatting. And at first, she ignored it. Well, that was until a girl recognized her, said her name, and approached her.

Then, the girl put on a super fake smile and attempted to make small talk. And at that moment. she realized the girl was actually Laurie– her “friend” from freshman year that used to bully her the most.

Apparently, Laurie claimed to be surprised to see her. Then, Laurie made a “joke” about not knowing that she “had enough money” to be at that department store.

That comment pushed the girls with Laurie to start laughing. But still, she brushed it off.

Afterward, Laurie then had the nerve to point at her thighs and start making more nasty comments about their size. And finally, after all that, Laurie actually asked for her phone number so they could hang out again!

By that point, she flat-out said “no,” for obvious reasons. Yet, Laurie looked at her all confused and asked why– claiming that they used to be really good friends.

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