She Recently Ran Into Her Younger Brother, Who Claimed That Her Dad Is Lying About The Real Reason Her Mom Left When She Was Younger

BestForYou - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this 18-year-old girl was just 10, her mother left her father. And in the process, she didn’t just lose her mom, but she also lost her 6-year-old brother Max– who was taken by her mom.

At the time, her mom did promise to visit. But unfortunately, that never happened, and her dad decided that it was not worth risking losing custody of her by going after custody of her brother– even though it was devastating for her dad to lose his son.

So, her dad tried to move on and date other women, although no relationships ever became serious. Regardless, she ultimately became pretty self-sufficient as a young girl, and her dad was apparently a “mess.”

“My maternal aunt, Sam, would appear every so often, but we would avoid the elephant in the room, and she would take me out on a trip to the zoo or to get pizza,” she recalled.

“Dad really didn’t like Sam, but he didn’t stop me from seeing her, and we just sort of agreed not to talk about my mom.”

So, as you can imagine, losing her mom was very tough on her. But, to her, it was clear that her mom had decided to keep Max and leave her behind.

That’s why she eventually tried to get over everything. She realized that if her mom wanted to be with a different man, then so be it.

Anyway, she recently started working at a pizza place that her aunt apparently used to bring her to when she was little. And even though she doesn’t really remember those pizza outings, she figured the sort-of memory would help her out during her interview.

So, she landed the job and was working last Thursday. It was a pretty slow shift, and she usually finishes early on Thursdays anyway since she has school the following morning.

BestForYou – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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