She Sent Her Son To Live With His Grandparents After He Secretly Took A Video Of Her Daughter Removing Her Dentures And Caused Her To Get Severely Bullied

But, just last week, her son did something horrible that completely shocked their entire family.

Somehow, her son managed to take a secret video while her daughter removed her dentures. Then, her son decided to show the footage to all of her daughter’s friends while they were over at her house.

This caused all of her daughter’s friends to turn on her daughter. Then, classmates at school found out, and half of the school has been teasing her daughter ever since.

“[My daughter] even had to change her phone number because dozens of kids were texting her the most vile things imaginable,” she revealed.

So, she has honestly never been more ashamed of her son. She has no clue where she and her husband went wrong while raising him. But, her son apparently just thought taking the video “would be funny.”

Anyway, once she kicked out her daughter’s friends and helped her daughter get through a panic attack, she decided to call her father and tell him to pick up her son.

At the same time, she told her son to pack a bag and get the heck out of her house.

That’s why her son has been staying with his grandparents– who live two towns away– ever since the incident.

However, her parents only found out about why two days ago.

The topic came up after her parents reached out and explained how driving her son to school so far away was starting to become a challenge. Plus, her parents also just wanted to know what the issue was and why she kicked her son out of the house.

That’s when she finally detailed the whole incident, and her parents were equally as disgusted as her.

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