She Vanished After Visiting A Man’s Home One Afternoon: He Began Remodeling His Bathroom, And Then Her Blood Was Later Found On A Neighbor’s Garbage Can Lid

Authorities did locate the man Kianna visited that day and questioned him on November 13, 2016. But, he claimed Kianna never entered his home and left the residence at 12:45 p.m. while messaging with another man.

Investigators also spoke with a neighbor on May 12, 2016, who lived beside the unidentified man. The neighbor revealed that they had found traces of blood on their garbage can lid approximately six days after Kianna vanished.

The evidence was then collected and sent to a lab for testing– ultimately revealing that the blood had been Kianna’s.

The neighbor additionally claimed to have seen Kianna enter the man’s house either the day before or the day of her disappearance.

However, by June 6, 2016, investigators were told that the Revere Road home’s bathroom had undergone remodeling. Later, the unidentified man was convicted of the assault of another woman– ultimately receiving a 15-year prison sentence.

Authorities suspect that foul play was involved in Kianna’s disappearance and that she was a homicide victim.

While the Revere Road man’s identity has never been publicly revealed– and he has not been named a suspect– he also remains a person of interest in Kianna’s case.

Still, Kianna’s case remains unsolved, and her loved ones have continued searching for answers.

Online, her family created a Facebook page entitled “Justice for Kianna,” which has since gained over 4,700 followers. There, Kianna’s story is shared to raise awareness and keep her memory alive.

At the time of her disappearance, Kianna was between five foot six and five foot five and weighed between 125 and 150 pounds. She had brown hair, hazel eyes, and had tattoos of a heart and a cross on her left wrist.

If you have any information regarding Kianna’s disappearance or whereabouts, you are urged to contact the South Elgin Police Department at (847) 741-2151.

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