She Was A 19-Year Old College Student Driving Home Late One Night When A Man In A Truck Put Her In A Terrifying Position And Almost Hit Her

She finally made it into the exit lane, but the man in the truck followed closely behind her. Once the off-ramp turned into two lanes, the man in his truck flew past her, drove into her lane, and slammed on his brakes. He came to a complete stop on the road.

“I still remember his face manically laughing,” she said.

She was terrified and wanted to avoid trying to pass the man in the truck at all costs. Who knows what he could’ve done next?

Thankfully, because she knew the road well, she remembered there was an on-ramp to her left, so she turned the car around as quickly as possible before zooming away from the scary man’s truck.

“I’m very glad he didn’t manage to turn around to follow me,” she remembered. “Or, if he did, I managed to get away fast enough.”

Can you imagine being in that terrifying position?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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