She Wore White To A Wedding And Some People Got Upset With Her, But Then She Explained Her Reasoning Behind Her Outfit Choice

The wedding she attended was not a traditional ceremony. In this case, there were two brides, and she had sought permission from them over her outfit beforehand.

The brides themselves weren’t even wearing the standard colors. Instead, one was dressed in ruby red, and the other was decked out in emerald green.

Normally, Lacey wouldn’t wear white to weddings because she understands that might upset some people. But people should realize that nowadays, the no-white rule doesn’t apply everywhere.

Many TikTok users were in her corner, encouraging her to brush off the haters.

“Everyone in the comments acting like you’re wearing white to THEIR PERSONAL wedding,” commented one user.

“You do you. Love your outfit. I’ve been to weddings where the couple didn’t care what the guests wore,” stated another.

“Adding some positivity that you look amazing. And how refreshing that norms were smashed,” wrote a third.

What do you think about wearing white to a wedding?


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