She’s Discussing The Pros And Cons Of Living In An Airbnb Long-Term In Europe

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Hopping from one Airbnb to another might seem to you a glamorous lifestyle of travel and adventure. But behind the scenes, it’s a different story.

TikToker Noelle Simpson (@noellesimpson_) is discussing the pros and cons of living in an Airbnb long-term in Europe.

Noelle has been living in an Airbnb for eight months now, and there were several aspects of Airbnb living she did not expect.

She has stayed in three different Airbnbs–the first one was for a month, the second one for three months, and the third for four months.

She’s living in Airbnbs because she doesn’t have a visa, which means she doesn’t have the right to rent in England or Spain.

So one pro of Airbnb living is that it’s a short-term solution for when you’re in a country where you aren’t able to rent or don’t want to rent long-term. Plus, the apartment is already fully furnished.

Overall, it has been a decent experience for Noelle, but she has faced a few difficulties. First of all, the hosts expect their long-term guests to deep clean the place before leaving.

And this is on top of the original cleaning fee that guests already had to pay before moving in. Noelle found out the hard way when her first Airbnb host neglected to tell her that she needed to clean anything, and then they tried to charge her after she left the place.

Also, living in Airbnbs gets to be really expensive. Noelle says that it costs three to five times the price of normal rent.

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