She’s Sharing Her Lip Blushing Journey, And It’s Basically A Semi-Permanent Lip Tattoo

Charlotte films her lips getting outlined by the technician, who then applies a numbing cream to Charlotte’s lips. Then, she begins tattooing a peachy color onto Charlotte’s lips.

Immediately following the tattooing, Charlotte looked like she got a heavy dose of lip fillers, as her lips were bright pink and extremely swollen.

“This is where I start to regret my decision,” says Charlotte as she films her swollen lips.

“I can’t believe people actually pay money to look like that.”

However, in the following days, Charlotte’s lips began to heal, and the color faded into a much more subtle, peachy tone.

Following a lip blushing session, customers are expected to be diligent with the cleaning and aftercare – just like any other tattoo! Charlotte wrote in the comments of her video that she cleaned her lips twice a day. In addition, professionals say that healing ointments like Aquaphor are essential for moisturizing the healing lips.

Within a few weeks, the lips will typically start peeling, and the customer’s ideal shade will have blended in with their natural lip color. If the customer did well with their aftercare, lip blushing can last one to two years and be retouched annually.

So beauty fans, would you try lip blushing?


I got a lip blush tattoo! Results take up to a month and last 2 years. I went to Emily at Top Cosmetic Artistry in Toronto #lipblushtattoo #lipblush #pmu #permanentmakeup #lipblushing

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