She’s Sharing Her Secret To Creating An Amazing False Lash Effect

We all remember the scandal: one influencer’s recent false lash controversy after secretly having a brand partnership with a major makeup brand. Did she use false lashes in her video when she was supposed to be promoting a mascara?

The world may never know the actual truth about her choices, but there are makeup artists who have come forward to give their opinions on her video. 

Professional makeup artists turned TikTok creators, like Erin Parsons, @erinparsonsmakeup, explain what it’s like doing advertisements in the makeup industry.

However, she also explains the correct way to actually go about using mascara to create a false lash look without actually using false lashes. 

While it’s unclear if the same standards apply to social media influencers, Erin explained that in the advertising community, there are strict regulations on makeup artists to make sure that they are not falsely advertising mascaras by using false lashes on models.

This includes using Photoshop post-shoot as well. 

“On every advertisement we do, we are not allowed to use false lashes,” she explained. “I literally have to sign affidavits that are legal in a court of law to prove that there were no false lashes added.” 

For those who are not as experienced as a makeup artist but still want to get the false lash look with just mascara, Erin breaks down the steps that she uses every single time to get a beautifully voluptuous set of lashes.

There are many steps involved in this process, but nothing that is outrageously complicated. Nothing about her tutorial requires expensive tools or professional-level mascara.

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