This Mental Health Professional Is Explaining How She Deals With Sadness And Helps Her Clients When They’re Feeling Down

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Everyone feels sad sometimes, no matter how hard they try to stay positive. It’s impossible to be upbeat all the time. So it’s important to give ourselves permission to not always be happy.

Sadness can hit you out of nowhere without any warning. Or it might come at the heels of a devastating breakup or loss of a loved one.

And even though we all have experienced that overwhelming wave of melancholy, it can still be incredibly tough to get through and go back to feeling like our usual selves again.

TikToker and licensed mental health professional Jessa (@therapyjessa) is explaining how she deals with sadness and helps her clients when they’re feeling down.

Most of the time, it helps to name how you feel. Acknowledge that you’re feeling sad, and don’t try to run away from your emotions. It’s the first step to feeling better.

When Jessa feels sad, she repeats this sentence to herself: “No need to figure out why–just be sad today.”

You don’t need to dive into a deep analysis of what’s making you sad, especially if you’re the type to dwell on it for a while. It’s enough just to give yourself the time and space to get over that hump.

Instead, ask yourself what the sadness wants and needs. What do you feel like doing today? Maybe you simply want to do nothing at all. Or you might want to watch TV, lounge around, or sleep the day away.

After determining what your sadness wants, figure out what you need to do to make yourself feel better and make sure the sadness is being taken care of properly.

leszekglasner – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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