A Teacher At His Son’s School Wants His Son To Get A Haircut To Meet Dresscode Before Graduation, But He’s Refusing To Make His Son Do That, And It’s Causing Problems Between Him And His Wife

carballo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy has a 17-year-old son named Adrian, who will be graduating from high school in just one week.

And over the years, his son has always kept his hair length to just above the shoulders since his son’s school has a strict dress code. Apparently, boys are not allowed to have hair that reaches or goes below their shoulders.

However, as of this past week, he found out that his son’s hair was no longer up to code after, on Tuesday, his son asked to go for a trim.

So, he agreed, took Adrian to get a small haircut, and thought everything was fine.

Well, just yesterday, he received an email from his son’s homeroom teacher, who asked if he could have Adrian’s hair cut even more to reach ear level.

He was confused about why that was necessary, though, so he responded to his son’s teacher to ask.

At that point, Adrian’s teacher claimed that his son had been “skirting the hair length rules” throughout the entire school year.

“And that my son’s hair length and style are against the spirit of the rules; that graduation is coming up, and all the students need to look mature and put together for the ceremony,” he added.

In addition to all of that, his son’s teacher also provided some “unsolicited parenting advice.” More specifically, the teacher claimed to be a father as well and said that they both needed to discipline their sons and teach them to listen to authority.

carballo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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