An Old Lady Has Been Stalking Her Sister, And The Woman Carved Her Sister’s Name Into The Sidewalk Outside Her Apartment

Erik - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the scariest things in the world has to be having a stalker. There is the constant fear that someone is following and watching you.

TikToker Sydney (@sydneykidneybean) is sharing a scary story about an old lady who has been stalking her sister Kodi.

So according to Kodi, the old lady lives in her apartment building. Kodi met her last year on the fourth of July. She saw the old lady sitting outside by herself, so she decided to talk to her because she felt bad the lady was alone on a holiday.

They struck up a normal conversation and chatted about their lives, just getting to know each other. But the conversation took a weird turn when the lady started asking Kodi about the pictures on the walls of her apartment and the figurines on her windowsill.

That’s when Kodi realized the old lady had been watching her and memorizing everything about her life. The following evening, Kodi was sitting in her apartment when she heard a noise coming from outside.

After looking out her window, she realized the old lady was screaming her name. She repeatedly shouted, “Kodi, come outside,” for at least an hour.

When Kodi didn’t come down, the old lady resorted to alternative strategies to get her attention. She grabbed two large rocks from the ground, banged them against the side of the building, and scraped them on the sidewalk.

Eventually, the old lady gave up. And the next morning, Kodi discovered the lady had carved her name into the sidewalk with a rock. A few days later, the old lady started knocking on Kodi’s apartment door in the middle of the night.

As of right now, Kodi is working on saving up enough money to move out of the apartment complex to get away from the old lady.

Erik – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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