He Called His Fiancée Selfish Because She Wanted To Announce Her Pregnancy At Her Cousin’s Wedding

“In her family, there has not been a baby in three years, so we would be the first in that time.”

Still, his fiancée thought her cousin’s wedding would be the perfect place for their pregnancy announcement since she believed it would be joyful.

Plus, she claimed she could not keep the pregnancy a secret forever and actually thinks that her cousin’s problems should not restrict her from sharing the positive news. That’s why his fiancée wound up saying that if the bride and groom turned the pregnancy announcement into something negative, then it was actually on them!

He tried to explain how that was not the point, though. He also pointed out how his fiancée knows about everything her cousin had been through. So, if she actually went through with the plan, he claimed his fiancée would be extremely selfish.

That caused his fiancée to become really upset, too, and she started crying and accusing him of being unsupportive. His fiancée also believed he should have never accused his pregnant fiancée of being selfish. So, ever since then, his fiancée has refused to talk to him.

“She also doesn’t want me to come with her to the wedding anymore, either, feeling as if I would ‘kill the mood,'” he vented.

And with the wedding right around the corner, he’s now been left wondering whether calling his fiancée out for being selfish was justified since she wanted to announce her pregnancy at the nuptials.

Is it ever appropriate to announce big news like pregnancy at somebody’s wedding? What if the bride and groom specifically struggled to have kids? Did he have a right to call his fiancée selfish? Would you have done the same?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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