He Inherited A Few Heirloom Rings From His Grandpa, And His Grandpa’s Dying Wish Was That He Use These Rings In His Upcoming Wedding, But He Doesn’t Want To Because He Thinks They’re Bad Luck

alenazamotaeva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old guy has a family with a pretty sad history in that pretty much all of his loved ones have cheated or gotten divorced.

He’s come to think that this has to all be a brutal joke the universe is playing on them because truly every single person in his family has wound up with a disastrous ending of their marriage.

Several months ago, his grandpa passed away, and he inherited a couple of wedding rings that are family heirlooms.

His grandpa’s last wish was for him to use these rings in his upcoming wedding, and everyone in his family is thrilled.

The problem is that he does not want to use these rings at all.

“I genuinely believe those rings are bad luck, and I can’t think of anyone who wore them and didn’t get a divorce or had their spouse die/cheat on them,” he explained.

“My fiancée doesn’t mind using the rings to please my family and actually thinks it’s nice that my grandfather thought of us during his last days and left them to us.”

“I recently told my family that I’m not planning on using the rings in my wedding, and I already went out and bought new wedding rings to use instead. They absolutely lost it, saying I’m disrespecting my dead grandfather’s wish, and they can’t believe I’m so paranoid over an inanimate object.”

He doesn’t want to give in to his family, as he really doesn’t want to use the heirloom rings in his ceremony.

alenazamotaeva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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