He Wants To Include A Guidelines Section On The Back Of His Wedding Invitations To Prevent His Guests From Doing Anything Rude, But His Mom Thinks It’s Offensive And Alienating 

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This 19-year-old guy will be tying the knot with his fiancée, who is 18, later this year. And they recently just finished designing the first draft of their wedding invitations.

Beforehand, he and his fiancée also agreed that it would be best to include a few notes on the back of the invitations about appropriate wedding conduct. Apparently, they did this for two main reasons.

First, they have both heard a ton of horror stories about guests proposing or deciding to announce their pregnancies at weddings– which they really do not want.

“And the other being that my fiancée’s parents are abusive narcissists who have proven themselves untrustworthy and selfish throughout our relationship,” he added.

That’s why, at the bottom of the back of the invitations, they added some guidelines for wedding guests to follow.

“Out of courtesy, please refrain from the following: marriage proposals or pregnancy announcements, excessive white or off-white attire, and photography during the ceremony,” the guidelines read.

For context, the last rule is simply because they have already hired a photographer. And he and his fiancée both believe that phone photography is pretty obnoxious during ceremonies.

Anyway, they both thought the rules were very reasonable. However, when he and his fiancée showed them to his mom, she actually accused them of being offensive. She also said that having those guidelines would be alienating.

In fact, his mother claimed that if she weren’t a family member and she received that invitation, then she might not even attend the event at all.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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