He Wants To Include A Guidelines Section On The Back Of His Wedding Invitations To Prevent His Guests From Doing Anything Rude, But His Mom Thinks It’s Offensive And Alienating 

“So I pointed out that not coming in that scenario would mean that she does not agree with the rules, meaning we wouldn’t want her there anyway,” he recalled.

Still, his mom claimed that was not the point and that the rules themselves were not even an issue. Instead, it was the fact he and his fiancée had placed them on the invitation.

Apparently, his mom believes that if they have specific concerns about certain guests’ behavior, then they should speak to those guests privately before the wedding.

Quite frankly, though, he just does not agree.

“I would like to avoid singling anyone out, which is why I’ve also leaned against having two separate versions of the invite,” he vented.

Still, ever since hearing his mom’s negative feedback, he’s been left wondering whether including a guidelines section on the back of his wedding invitations would make him a jerk or not.

Can you understand why he has these concerns yet doesn’t want to single anyone out? At the same time, do you think his mom has a point or not? Would you leave the guidelines on the invites or take them off?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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