Her Boyfriend Keeps Accusing Her Of Checking Out Other Men Even Though She Swears She Isn’t

Now, her boyfriend’s behavior has left her utterly confused because she swears that she is never “checking out” any other men. Instead, she sometimes just looks around at her surroundings.

“I had no idea a guy with green shorts even existed. Sometimes, men happen to cross my line of vision, and I might happen to look at them, but that isn’t ‘checking anyone out,'” she explained.

She knows that if she did check any men out, that would be extremely disrespectful. But she swore she never does that, and she isn’t sure how to get her boyfriend to believe her.

Whenever she tries to tell her boyfriend that she didn’t even look at another guy, he just accuses her of sounding guilty and getting defensive.

Plus, if she just brushes her boyfriend’s comments off, then her boyfriend claims she isn’t taking him seriously and will proceed to actually interrogate her for hours.

“Then he will accuse me of cheating,” she added.

While she knows her boyfriend wants her to just admit to checking out guys and apologize to him, though, she absolutely refuses to admit to something that she isn’t doing.

So, that’s left her relationship in a stalemate, and she has no idea why her boyfriend keeps accusing her of looking at other men.

“I have sworn on my dead grandfather’s grave that I am not doing it, and he still doesn’t believe me,” she vented.

On top of that, she even reached out to a polygraph detector testing site and agreed to take a lie detector test for her boyfriend! Regardless, he just said those tests “weren’t always accurate.”

That’s why she feels like her boyfriend is simply driving her insane.

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