Her Boyfriend Keeps Accusing Her Of Checking Out Other Men Even Though She Swears She Isn’t

Nataliia Zasibna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old woman has been in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, who is 37, for four months now.

And throughout their relationship, it has become alarmingly apparent that her boyfriend is very insecure.

Apparently, whenever they go out, he will get mad at her completely out of the blue. Then, when she asks what’s wrong, her boyfriend will just shut down and say they will talk later when they get back to the car.

So, regardless of where they are– whether they’re visiting the zoo, at a theme park, or grabbing dinner– her boyfriend will be in a sour mood for the entire time until they get back to the car. And sometimes, these mood swings will last hours.

Then, by the time they finally get in the car to head home, her boyfriend will just explode and accuse her of looking at other men.

One time, she got accused of “checking out” a guy in green shorts and being incredibly disrespectful. Another time, when they were in an Uber, she was just looking out the window, and her boyfriend had a complete meltdown– accusing her of checking out a random guy at the bus stop.

Finally, when they went out to dinner once, her boyfriend claimed that she actually licked her lips and stared at a table of men behind them!

“It’s [promiscuous] behavior. If you want to be [promiscuous], you can just be single,” her boyfriend told her at the time.

“My ex used to do that, and it drove me freaking insane! Stop doing it! How would you like it if I did that? You know what, fine, I’m just going to start checking out women in front of you and see how you feel!”

Nataliia Zasibna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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